Friday, May 26, 2017

Photos of Completed 28mm Masai Warriors, 26MAY17

Here are photos of my completed 28mm Masai Warriors.

The army is 84 figures.  All Foundry.  All bloody expensive.  See and weep.

I'm finally done with my 28mm Darkest Africa projects after six months of painting in time for a local gaming con in June 2017....

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mid-May 2017 reading...

I've read the following books this past week:

1)  Empire of the Summer Moon.  I'm on page 131 of the book.  Bloody history of the American Southwest and the Comache raiders...

2)  Green Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson.  Getting into the terra-forming and political ramifications of the settlement of Mars in the late 21st century....

3)  Such Men as These by Sears.  More about US Naval aviators in the Korean War....

4)  The Long Way Home by Sabrina Chase.  Interesting story about a US Air Force astronaut surviving as a mercenary pilot in the early 22nd century.  Back story of Terran war with a crab like alien species.....

WIP, 28mm Masai Warriors, 23MAY17

                                         WIP, 28mm Masai Warriors, 23MAY17.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Early May 2017 reading...

Here's what I've tried reading:

1)  Such Men as These by Sears.  I'm about 100 pages into a book on US Naval aviators during the Korean War.  Interesting and stirring read.

2)  I went back and read the 60 pages of Green Mars Friday morning by Kim Stanley Robinson.  Started out in the outlawed colony under the South Polar Cap.  Mars is being terraformed in spite of what people think.  Thought provoking read...

Zulu War Game, 06MAY17: AAR.

Here are photos from a Zulu War Game I did with Glenn Wilson on Saturday, 06MAY17:

                                          Initial Zulu impi deployment.

                                          Glenn Wilson reacting to Zulu advance.

                                          Zulus across the tabletop.

                                          Zulu impi right flank and center being shot-up.

                                          Zulu morale broke with Impi took 50% casualties.

Photos from WH40K Game, 26AMR17: AAR.

Here are photos from an old WH40K game that happened in March 26, 2017 with Hostile Contact.

                                          The initial battlefield.

My Dark Angels' landraider attack.

                                          Chaos counter attacks.

What's left of my Deathwing terminators.