Thursday, March 16, 2017

Review of Eden to Armageddon by Roger Ford

Author:  Roger Ford.
Title:  Eden to Armageddon:  The First World War in the Middle East.
Publisher:  Pegasus Book.
Copyright:  2010.
Pages:  667.

Overview and Impressions:
"Our fathers lost the First World War on the Tigres' shores..."  Johnny Turk, 1918.

The stupidity of advancing into machine gun fire by battalion, artillery barrages, and incompetent generals massacring generations of men on both sides.  I just want to take a hot shower and forget what I read.  I used to have the stomach for WWI histories.  I no longer do...

The Allies lost as many men as the Turks, the British were able to out general them on two fronts:  Palestine and Mesopotamia.  The war was won on those fronts.  Massacres and subsequent massacres cover every one's hands in blood.  No one was clean.

I could go on.  I won't.  I'm too disgusted with the whole thing.  One can see where the twilight zone political reality of today's Middle East came from.  Allah Akbar!  Ugh...

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Early March 2017 book review....

I've been reading the following book this past week:

1)  Hammer's Slammers by David Drake.  See previous blog entry.

2)  The Road to Guilford Courthouse by Buchanan.  Still working on reading about the American Revolution in the Carolinas.  It will take me a while to get through it.

3)  The Lost Stars:  Shattered Spear by Jack Campbell.  This is the fourth installment in The Lost Stars series.  It's been an interesting run so far.  I like the characters and the battle scenes are worth the reading...

4)  Eden to Armageddon by Ford.  I'm still reading read about the First World War in the Middle East.  Finished the section on Gallipolli.  Rather depressing reading in general...

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Review of Hammer's Slammers by David Drake

Author:  David Drake.
Title:  Hammer's Slammers.
Publisher:  Ace Books.
Copyright:  1979, 1985.
Price:  $2.95 (US).

Overview and Impressions:
Easy to read military sci-fi involved armored actions in the 26th century of the mercenary group, Hammer's Slammers.  It's always fun to read about them.  Fast read.  Recommended.

15mm SYW Battle of Minden: AAR, 04MAR17

Here are photos from the 15mm SYW Battle of Minden Game I ran yesterday.  Both side lost....

                                          Kevin Joyce pushing the initial French attack.

                                          Kevin Joyce responds to my flank attacks.

Both sides blow army morale on Turn 4.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Review of Ultima by Stephen Baxter

Author:  Steven Baxter.
Title:  Ultima.
Publisher:  Penguin Books.
Copyright:  2014., 2015
Pages:  520.

Overview and Impressions:

I was not impressed with this book.  The author, Stephen Baxter, spent too much of his time on world building/destroying.  The characters were secondary.  He assumes the multiverse he built will die in a final heat death.  Getting to that point was the a major plot-line in the novel.  It didn't help.

Not recommended except for hard-core hard sci-fi readers...

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sapper Joe's Annual Game or AAR: 28mm Russian Civil War, 25FEB17

Here are photos from Sapper Joe's Annual Game or an AAR:  28mm Russian Civil War Game, 25FEB17:

                                          Battle of Tugalos:  Initial deployments

                                          Glenn Wilson and I move our 28mm Red Guard Battalion.

                                          28mm Canadian artillery raining down on Glenn's company.

                                          My armed thugs marching in the snow

                                          Steve Hood (Combat Colors) debating his next moves.

                     End of game when I ordered a retreat.  Afterward, I was executed for my actions.

The rules were modified Sword to Adventure using Sapper Joe's modifications.  The playtesting went well.  I didn't like the scenario of advancing across a snow covered field against artillery shells and light machine gun fire.  As the Reds, we paid a price in casualties.  Glenn tried running his men.  But he had to use a Commissar to shoot reluctant soldiers to move.  I kept rolling "1's" for movement.  So I walked my troops through the snow.  I still didn't like getting shot for ordering my troops from committing tactical suicide.  Very Russian Civil War....


Friday, February 24, 2017

Review of Tarzan and the City of Gold by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Author:  Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Title:  Tarzan and the City of Gold.
Publisher:  Ballantine.
Copyright:  1974.
Pages:  190.
Price:  $1.25 (US).

Overview and Impressions:

Quick read of a Tarzan story set in central Africa about two mythical cities.  Tarzan deals with the locals who are ruled by an evil queen who likes to hunt her enemies with man-eater lions.  It was a fun read.  Recommended.