Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review of Into the Storm: The Malcontents: Book One by Larry Correia

Author:  Larry Correia.
Title:  Into the Storm:  The Malcontents:  Book One.
Publisher:  Skull Island Expeditions.
Copyright:  2015.
Pages:  285.
Price:  $14.95 (US).

Overview and Impressions:

This was a rousing tale set in the Warmachine fantasy universe about a fallen Storm Knight and his malcontent underlings being turned into professional soldiers.  Hugh Madigan led his Malcontents to war against the fanatical Menoth Protectorate and their unyielding religious warriors.  There are twists and turns and losses throughout the conflict.  Enjoyable fantasy epic and an easy read. 


Review of Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson

Author:  Kim Stanley Robinson.
Title:  Red Mars.
Publisher:  Bantum Spectra.
Copyright:  1993.
Pages:  572.

Overviews and Impressions:

The technical aspects of this hard sci-fi book are awesome.  The social implications aren't.  The whole premise of the novel is the colonization and terra-forming of Mars by a group of American and Russian scientists.  Afterward, the UN allows for mass-colonization of the northern part of the planet.

While a group of scientists set up another secret colony in the southern polar region.  There are space-lifts and the usual cyber-punk frontier "Rim" towns.  The idea of a quiet American "revolution" against the international land-grabbers struck me as disappointing.  I thought more could be done with it the social development of Mars.  The author assumes the worst excesses in human nature regarding interplanetary settlement in the mid twenty-first century.

Still recommended for the technical descriptions of the Red Planet....

Monday, February 13, 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mid-February 2017 reading....

Here's what I've been reading this week:

1)  The Road to Guilford Courthouse by Buchanan.  Started reading about the American Revolution in the Carolinas...

2)  Ultima by Stephen Baxter.  More of the Roman Empire in space as an alternate universe book.  Several humans from our universe cross over and become involved the Roman and Celtic interstellar empires.  Interesting so far...

3)  Eden to Armageddon by Ford.  Depressing reading about the Middle East in World War I.  I'm reading about the Caucuses right now and the Armenian genocide of 1915-17.

4)  Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson.  I'm on page 400 of a hard sci-fi book about the colonization of Mars in the mid 21st century.

5)   Into the Storm:  The Malcontents - Book One.  Fantasy book set in the Warmachine universe about a failed Cygnar Stormknight and his platoon of malcontents before a big invasion of Menoth Protectorate, the crazy religious zealots who cleanse everything with fire.  It's an easy read.  I'm on page 50 right now....

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Early February 2017 reading...

I'm reading the following books:

1)  Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson.  Hard sci-fi book about the colonization of Mars.  I've begun the part where the colonists are introducing genetically engineered lichen to the planet.

2)  Ultima by Stephen Baxter.  It's an alternate sci-fi tail about the Celts, Chinese, and Roman empire in interstellar space.  Interesting so far...

3)  Eden to Armageddon by Ford.  It's a comprehensive story about World War I in the Middle East.  I finished Mesopotamia and now getting into the Caucasus Front.

4)  The Road to Guilford Courthouse:  The Revolutionary War in the Carolinas by Buchaccan.  Just started this book with the beginning chapters about Charleston, South Carolina....

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

WIP, WH40K Adeptus Mechanicus Army, 01FEB17

Here are some photos of my new WH40K Adeptus Mechanicus army that needs to be assembled;

                                          Unit of Adeptus Mechanicus Sigarians from Mars.

                                          Punched out sprues from my first box of Adeptus Mechanicus.

                                          Remaining boxes of WH40K Adeptus Mechanicus.