Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Review of The Wars of Atlantis by Phil Masters

Author:  Phil Masters
Title:  Osprey Dark Series No. 6:  The Wars of Atlantis.
Publisher:  Osprey Publishing.
Copyright:  2015.
Pages:  84.
Price:  $10.49 (US, ebook).

Overview and Impressions:
This is a fantasy history of the wars of Atlantis.  It involves Greek gods, Amazons, and Plato's Legend of Atlantis.  Phil Masters wrote an entertaining history.  Was there an actual Atlantis?  Who knows. 

I wrote a short story based on Plato's story.  Still, this Osprey is a work of fiction.  Edgar Casey's work has more truth to it than this ebook, lol.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Review of Troy: Last War of the Heroic Age by Si Sheppard

Author:  Si Sheppard.
Title:  Troy:  Last War of the Heroic Age.
Publisher:  Osprey Publishing.
Pages:  77.
Price:  $11.49 (ebook).

Overview and Impressions:
Troy:  Last War of the Heroic Age is a summary of Homer's Iliad.  It covers the mythology and history of the Trojan War.  Though I recommend Feagles' Iliad and Odyssey translations.  This Osprey is a good introduction to the subject.

However, I'm a student of classic antiquity.  I already knew the story behind the Trojan War.  If you want more info, read Wood's In Search of the Trojan War or Barry Strauss's The Trojan War:  A New History.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Review of Unbreakable: Book One in the Chronicles of Promise Paen by W.C. Bauer

Author:  W.C. Bauer.
Title:  Unbreakable:  Book One in the Chronicles of Promise Paen.
Publisher:  TOR.
Copyright:  2014.
Pages:  368.
Price:  $25.99 (US).

Overview and Impressions:

I enjoyed this book.  However, it took me two months to finish it!  The chapters were short and read fast.  My father's illness and death got in the way of me completing. 

Unbreakable is military sci-fi about the adventures of Lt. Promise Paen.  She's from a frontier world called Montana in the Republic of Aligned Worlds.  It's several centuries in the future and Terra no longer exists.  RAW is trying to defend its turf from the Lusitanian Empire, who'd like Montana for themselves. 

Unbreakable spends the first half building up to the conflict Lt. Promise Paen's mechanized marines the Lusitanian baddies.  Once things get moving, the action doesn't let up until the very end.  I enjoyed reading about Promise Paen and her marines.  His writing is solid.  But the technical details don't gloss over the human element.  This is a different story about space marines in their power armor.  It's worth finding online or at your local book store. 

Definitely recommended.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Some downsizing for an impending move...

My father died in late July 2015 from stomach cancer.  It was expected.  He'd been in hospice for over seven months.  I've been dealing with his funeral and family related stuff since then.

One thing I've haven't been able to do is paint on a regular basis.  I bought some new 28mm figures from Sapper Joe.  It was an old 28mm Spanish-American War project he'd decided to get rid.  I went ahead and bought an army of 28mm Old Glory Span-Am Americans.  I decide to complete things this month and get some more 28mm Old Glory Span-Am Spanish infantry, artillery, and command.

In desperation, I wrote a new TS&TF variant for the Spanish-American War called Yellow Journalism.  It needs to be play tested.  I also picked up some 25mm Napoleonics and 28mm Weird WWII figures from Sapper Joe.  I have no idea what I'll use them for.  They'll probably go into my trade pile of figures.  Unless I decide to put a small Sharpe's Practice game together...

Now that my father died, I'll be moving back to my parent's house to help take care of my mom.  I looked at my current collection of wargaming figures.  My collection has gotten out of hand.  I don't have enough space in the place I'll be moving to store all my figures cases.  So I started downsizing...

The painted 28mm ECW armies went.  My unpainted 28mm Trojan War armies also went to my friend Don Cox.  He got new armies, I got his remaining 15mm SYW Austrians.  He got the better deal.  But that's OK.  Don isn't getting my 28mm Spanish-American armies.  Once he saw the figures, Don started bugging me for them.

The PROBLEM is Don already has two COMPLETE 28mm Spanish-American War armies NIB that will never see the day of light.  I was lucky to get his remaining 15mm SYW figures from his basement of death.  I'm still waiting for him to find some 28mm Britannia British Colonial units he swears are still in his basement.  Don doesn't let anyone go into his house.  I joke about his kids having the mother of all estate sales when my friend finally dies.  It's not so much his figure collection, which is about 60,000 figures, it's the 500,00 pieces of LEGO that's in his house that his LEGO club will be fighting over, ugh...

My goal isn't to wind up like Don.  I want room to move where I live and work.  Hence, me getting rid of some of my projects.  I didn't like getting rid of them.  But I don't have the room to store all my stuff!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

WIP, 01AUG15, 15mm SYW Reichsarmee Dragoons

Here are some photos of WIP, 01AUG15, 15mm SYW Reichsarmee Dragoons:

                                          WIP, 01AUG15, 15mm SYW Reichsarmee Dragoons

                                          WIP, 01AUG15, 15mm SYW Reichsarmee Dragoons

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lament on the book pile...

I thought I'd post something on my blog before the end of July 2015.  I haven't had a chance to read.  I tried reading at a doctor's office today waiting for my mom.  I only got seven pages read before I gave up.  I'm still reading Unbreakable:  The Chronicles of Promise Paen.  I'm only on Page 93.  There are 330 pages total.  I'd like to make a dent in it this weekend.  I'll see if I can.

Unfortunately, I've added to my book pile.  I now have the following hard copies to read:

Kill Team by Gav Thorpe
Master of Sanctity by Gav Thorpe
The Unforgiven by Gav ThorpeT
The Sharp End by David Drake
Beyond The Reach of Empire by Colonel Mike Snook
Two H.P. Lovecraft anthologies of his short stories

Now for ebooks:

Mekong First Light
Germany Ascendant, 1915
The Lost Stars:  Imperfect Sword by Jack Campbell
Proxima by Stephen Baxter
Swords of Good Men
Age of Shiva
Such Men as These
The Last Stand of Fox Company
Memory of Water
Twilight of the Hellenistic World
The Protectors:  A Thriller by Trey Dowling
Eden to Armageddon
Troy:  Last War of the Heroic Age

I have no idea when I'll get around to reading my electronic books.  Maybe sometime next year...  Ugh!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday night painting....

I got home this afternoon.  I've been painting some 15mm SYW Reichsarmee imperial dragoons.  This is the first painting I've done in a week.  I've missed it.  I'll get back to more painting in the coming days.

Between my father's death and funeral arrangements, I did the following:

1)  Write a 28mm TS&TF variant for the Spanish-American War of 1898.

2)  Read a couple more chapters of Unbreakable:  The Chronicles of Promise Paen.

3)  Sell off excess 28mm figures because of an impending move in the near future.

4)  Deal with a friend the 28mm figures he wanted sell off.

Yellow Journalism:  The Spanish-American War, 1898 is another The Sword and The Flame variant for the Cuban theater.  I asked about possible 28mm rules for Span-Am War and got mixed replies.  So I joggled the minds of the local wargaming experts on the subject and then modified my own TS&TF variants for the American, Cuban, and Spanish armies.  I admit my ignorance on the conflict.  But my rule variants need to be play tested and looked at by others before I upload it to TS&TF Yahoo Users Group....

I looked forward to reading Unbreakable.  It's military sci-fi about a woman space marine by a new author named Bauer.  Fate intervened every time I went to read it .  I can read only get a chapter or two at a time.  So I've had this book for over a month and only have 76 pages read so far...

I got rid of my 28mm ECW, 28mm Trojan War, and 28mm Modern Afghanistan.  I'll be moving to a new place in three months.  I'll have less space to store my figures.  I've accumulated too many figures.  I had to cut back for the sake of space.  I made a list of what I wanted to keep.  It came down to my 28mm Samurai, 28mm Koreans, 28mm Mongols, 28mm 1882 British, 25mm 1890s British, 28mm Colonial Germans, 28mm Colonial Belgians, 28mm 1882 Egyptians, 28mm Mahdist Ansar, 28mm 1880s Boers, 28mm Zulus, 28mm Congolese natives, 28mm Congo Arabs, 28mm Masai, 28mm Viet Cong, 28mm ARNV, 28mm Vietnam USMC, 30mm Warmachine, 30mm WH40K, and 15mm SYW.  I probably still have too much...  

A local friend is liquidating part of his wargaming collection.  He had some 28mm OG Spanish-American War Americans for sale.  I looked at what he had for sale in 28mm and contacted him.  I then got motivated to write a 28mm Spanish-American War rules variant for TS&TF.  Looks like I'll eventually get around to painting 28mm Span-Am armies.  After I get done with my 15mm SYW Reichsarmee, 15mm SYW Saxons, 18mm SYW Swedes, 18mm SYW Prussians, 30mm Warmachine Steelhead Company Mercenaries, 30mm Warmachine Rhulic Mercenary army, 28mm Mahdist Ansar, 28mm Colonial Germans, 28mm Masai, 28mm Viet Cong, 28mm ARVN, and 28mm Vietnam US Marines...