Thursday, November 29, 2012

28mm Darkest Africa Game, 29NOV12

I ran a 28mm Darkest Africa game today between German colonial troops and British infantry in the heady days of 1914.  I use a modified version of The Sword in Africa.  I don't use the event cards and run small 10 man units for each side.  In this case, a company of German colonial troops took on a company of British regulars.  Outside of TSIA charts, the game plays like The Sword and The Flame. 

We got done in about 1 hour.  My friend Don Cox ran the Germans.  The German askaris manage to reduce two of my British infantry squads to 50%.  They fell back and rallied near the table edge.  I also lost my Maxim machine gun in the first turn of combat due to a German Krupp mountain gun.  Things then went down hill for me.  I had another squad of British regulars rout off the table due to casualties from the German Marines and field artillery.  My remaining squad of full strength regulars failed to move all of 5" and took more casualties.  I called the game after that turn.  All I could do was withdrawal and pray for the best.  It wasn't a good day for Tommy Atkins!

Here are some photos from the Darkest Africa/WWI game between the Germans and the British:

                                          Initial battle lines.

                                         Platoon of British regulars.

                                          British right flank and Maxim gun.

                                          Developing battle lines betwen the Germans and British.

                                          Platoon of German askaris.

                                          British infantry receiving fire.

British retreating off the field to the victorious Germans

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My early X-mas presents...

I broke down and bought some Osprey military history booklets this month.  I had a free Barnes and Noble gifts certificate, so it didn't cost me that much.  I made sure I'd stick to projects I'm working on or eventually get around to doing.  What I first bought was WARRIOR 153:  Bronze Age Greek Warrior c. 1650-1100 BC.  The second title I bought was CAMPAIGN 049:  Mons 1914.  There is a third Osprey I'll buy next week called MEN-AT-ARMS 277:  The Russo-Turkish War 1877

WAR 153: Bronze Age Greek Warriors c. 1650-1100 BC I bought for the color plates.  I am putting together 25mm Greek and Trojan War armies for Warhammer Ancient Battles 1.5.  I wanted some more color plates to give me an idea of what I'm painting.  There are no "uniforms" for the Heroic Age.  I know the Greeks tended to wear greens, browns, reds, and yellows.  The Trojans wore blues, greys, and whites.  Shield colors were oxhide types.  I seperating tower shields for the Greeks and Figure 8 shields for the Trojans.  Aside from that, I'm on my own for what the differnt armies wore!  That isn't too helpful.  Once I get my 28mm Franco-Prussian figures painted, I'll then move onto 25mm Trojan War next year. 

The next project after that is the 100th anniversary for the First World War.  I have armies for German East Africa.  I have nothing for Europe.  I'd like to do Western Front 1914.  I have 28mm rules written and need of playtesting.  I'd like to get 28mm French, British, and German armies from Renegade Miniatures.  It's one of those things, I'll probably get the figures next year.  But I won't get any painting done them until 2014.  That works out fine with the 100th anniversary of WWI, too.  The Osprey I bought concerned the Mons 1914 campaign that saw the British army retreat from Belgium into northern France in time for the miracle on the Marne.

I also have want to do 28mm Russo-Turkish War to complete my 19th century "horse and musket" era armies.  It's a rather strange period to game.  I have a chance to pick up an Osprey for a good price.  It's now out of print.  And gettting it would be expensive on  Lance Western mentioned he'd like doing Russo-Turkish War of 1877 sometime.  Maybe I could work with him if he wasn't so busy.  Otherwise, it's one of those basement projects I'll do when I get the time...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Week of Editing The Sword and The Flame Variants

I spent the past week editing and revision TS&TF variants of different rules systems I'd written.  I have about six different variants to my credit.  Only one rule system has extensively been playtested.  I'd like the others to be playtested at some point.  I have rules for the following conflicts:

Russo-Turkish War of 1877; Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05; Balkan Wars, 1912-13; Western Front, 1914; Japanese Feudal Warfare 1550-1615; Mongol Campaigns 1205-1350.

I also have some oddball rules for 28mm Japanse/Korean naval warfare and a generic sci-fi skirmish system.  I also printed out all my different wargaming projects and rules and organized them into binders and plastic sheet protectors.  I now have hard copies of my rules, lists, and various projects.  I also know how many figures I own.  The number is rather depressing.  I did sell my 1/2400 scale WWI ships and rules to two Australian gentlemen.  I have my 28mm FPW 1870 Prussians call me to be painted.  I'm wanting to get the base colors done by next week.  I doubt I'll get all the figures done in time for a game on Sunday, December 9th at 1 PM at Wargamers Cave in Granite City, IL.  Most likely, it will be 28mm British Colonial game, instead. 

Until then, good luck painting!

Flames of War Playtesting, 24NOV12

My friend Steve Hood (Combat Colours on The Miniatures decided to playtest the basic Flames of War bootcamp rules today at Wargamers' Cave in Granite City, IL.  I thought it would be a small affair.  There were at least a half dozen people turning out for it.  I decided to pass on playtesting, though.  I'll get a chance to play FoW later with Steve, Curtis Turner, and Joe Collins (Hostile Contact and Sapper Joe on TMP).  Steve ran a early war 1941 Eastern Front scenario with his new armor.  He hadn't a chance to work on his infantry.  I believe that is his next project for 2013. 

From what I could tell, the basic FoW rules are similar to WH40K with a you then I go activation style system.  Shooting and close combat is the same as WH40K.  The system is designed for company level actions.  Steve was trying historical scenarios without the point system.  My friends in Ames ran 5000-7500 point "evil vs. evil" battles on the Eastern Front between the Soviets and Germans.  I never played in their games, but they were able to fight large scale engagements with little problems.  Steve should have similar luck if he sticks to historical scenarios.

As I've said previously, WWII isn't my cup of tea.  I am more interested in WWI.  There aren't all the cool toys in the Great War as there is in WWII.  But I don't like playing WWII Germans.  I feel they were definitely on the losing side of history.  Too much of my judgment is colored by the Nuernburg war crime trials.  I'll still play WWII.  I just won't collect anything for it....

Here are a couple of photos I took from the Flames of War playtesting at Wargamers Cave in Granite City, IL today:


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Getting rid of odd ball projects

I sold off my 1/2400 scale WWI naval dreadnoughts to a gentleman in Australia.  I also got rid of my 1/2400 WWI General Quarters II rules.  They were odd ball projects I hadn't done anything with in 18 months.  I wasn't going to get around to them in 2013, either.  It was best just to cut my losses and sell the figures off before I started working on them.  I look at my basement and I realize how much stuff I own.  It's rather amazing. 

I had a half-hearted attempt to get rid of my 30mm WHFB armies locally.  No one bid on them or contacted me.  I'd agreed with a friend to work on several historical projects.  One was 28mm Franco-Prussian War.  I'm still working on that.  I'll continue trudge on through with painting into the spring of 2013.  I also agreed to work on 25mm Trojan War ancients.  I have a pack of 28mm Foundry classical Trojan War heroes.  My next task is to purchase 25mm Trojan War figures from Old Glory Miniatures.  That is my X-mas present for next month.  After that, I'll finish up my 40K vehicles and Space Marine biker army and be done with painting for a while.  I don't feel motivated to work on anything else.  The 100th anniversary of WWI is coming up in August 1914.  I'd like to do something for that.  I'm wondering if my 28mm Franco-Prussian armies will be a jumping off project for something larger like 25mm 1859 Austrians, 1866 Saxons, and 1864 Danes. 

WWI could be done in 15mm.  I'd prefer 28mm.  The 28mm Franco-Prussian War is close enough to WWI, so I don't need to game both.  I'd also like to purchase 28mm Darkest Africa Masai from Wargames Foundry to complete my Darkest Africa armies, too.  There are many side projects I could undertake.  But I'm committed at this point to 28mm FPW and 25mm Trojan War ancients.  There is only so much money and time to work on things.  The more I come to terms with this, the better off I am.  One person can't game everything...   

Reduced Price on They Died for Glory

Hi, I've reduced the price on the following:

                                          $12.00 including shipping in the continental US.

I'm interested in getting rid of the rules.  They are new.  I've never used them.  But I've played They Died For Glory and they work out fine for 15mm Franco-Prussian War games.  If interested, email me at blakewoodwalker(at)yahoo(dot)com

Thanks for looking,

Monday, November 12, 2012

Command Con 2012 Photos

Here are some Command Con 2012 Photos from a local convention here in St. Louis, MO:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wargame Rules & Figures for Sale

I have the following wargaming rules and figures for sale.  These are projects I wanted to do but never got around to doing.  And I don't expect to get around doing them in the near future.  So I am selling them off:

 28mm Zombie Infantry.  Squad of 10 figures.  $10.00 plus shipping (which is extra).

Mr. Lincoln's War.  Regimental Rules for American Civil War.  Brand new.  $10.00 plus shipping (which is extra).

Price of Glory.  New.  28mm WWI Skirmish Rules by Ivan Ivan Games.  $10.00 plus shipping (which is extra).

They Died For Glory.  New.  15mm Franco-Prussian rules.  $10.00 plus shipping (which is extra).

28mm Zombie Cavalry.  $10.00 for the lot plus shipping (which is extra).

I do accept PayPal.  If you buy more than one item, I'll combine shipping together.  I'm also willing to ship internationally.  Just please email me at blakewoodwalker(at)yahoo(dot)com and let me know how you'd like your items shipped.  I'll look for the most economical way to ship items.  If you are in the St. Louis, MO metro-area, I can set up a time and place and meet with you in person so you don't have to pay shipping.


November's Projects

I spent quite a bit of money getting new painting supplies this weekend.  I now have brushes and paints to complete my 28mm 1870 Prussian infantry brigade.  I started back working on them Friday evening.  I also have about 40' of magnetic tape to complete another storage case for my 28mm Franco-Prussian armies.  I also have more glue, too.  I spent too much money on paint.  Currently, I've put any more purchases on hold.  I would have liked to have gone to Colonial Barracks in New Orleans, LA with a friend this past weekend.  I wasn't able to afford that trip.  I wasn't able to afford going to the Seven Years War convention in South Bend, IN either this past March 2012.  Those are two conventions I'd like to make.  Hence, the need to conserve my money.  I have other obligations like Christmas presents for family members staring me in the face.  Whatever money I have left over in December will likely be saved for my future trips...

There are several local conventions going on here in St. Louis, MO.  The first is Warmachine Weekend in Sunset Hills, MO.  I don't play Warmachine.  But I know a lot of people who do.  There are about 240 people at their convention playing this weekend.  The convention I'm involved with is Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance out at Chesterfield, MO November 9-11, 2012.  I'm running two The Sword and The Flame games at the con.  There's also a silent auction next Saturday and a flea market Sunday. 

I do have things I'd like to get rid of.  One is a 1/2400 scale WWI naval project that will never happen.  Another is some rule sets I now own but don't play.  I could also put them out for sale on the blog if someone is interested in them.  They are projects I wanted to do but never got around to doing this year.  The rules have been collecting dust on my crowded book shelf.  Same as the 1/2400 WWI German and British dreadnoughts.  I also have some odd ball 28mm painted zombie infantry and zombie cavalry for 40K.  They'd make great cultists for a Nurgle or Slaneesh Chaos army. 

That's about it.  My 28mm Franco-Prussian War project is rolling back along.  Not at the speed I'd like.  But it's moving none the less.  This was too ambitious a project for me to start.  I will only be about halfway through it by the end of November 2012.  The rest of the 28mm 1870 Bavarians and Armee d'Afrique will wait for the spring of 2013.  And I still have more 40K figures to paint after that!  Painting never ends.  So it seems...