Monday, April 8, 2013

SYW Convention

Don Cox and I went to the Seven Years War Convention in South Bend, IN this past weekend.  I didn't get a chance to play in any games because of the odd timing most of the games started and the fact Don and I ran late getting lunch both days the convention was opened.  I didn't have enough people for my 15mm SYW game.  If I go to the convention again, I'm tempted not to bring anything and just game.  The large games had players.  They got most of the attention.  I didn't have enough players for the amount of troops I have on the board.  That's life.  I've had that happen to me in the past.  And it will still happen to me in the future. 

So I spent the convention wandering around, watching games, and buying books and miniatures.  I broke down and dealt with Rob Walter of Eureka Miniatures USA.  I picked some Dark Ages and Italian Wars figures.  They went into my storage pile when I came home.  I also read through the Ospreys I bought at the convention, too. 

However, our luck getting food was awful.  Many restaurants have closed down in South Bend.  Those that are still open close early like 4 PM on Saturday afternoon (this was Subway)!  Orders were also screwed up in both South Bend and Terra Haute, IN.  Don and I were glad to leave Indiana yesterday afternoon.  So this convention was a loss for me.  There's a question where the next one will be held.  If it's moved closer to St. Louis, MO like the western outskirts of Chicago, IL, I'll definitely go.  If it's moved further east, I probably won't be bothered. 

There are other conventions I'd like to go.  Colonial Barracks is one.  I've spent my money for the year as far as national conventions go.  The SYW Convention is still worth attending if you haven't made it.  It's small enough not to worry about having someone walk off with your figures.  However, I wish there was more of an effort to get games to start on time.  It would have given me more of a chance to play than just sit around a table and talk with people.  That's my only complaint this year....   

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