Saturday, November 30, 2013

Born in the North to Die in the South: 10mm FOW Vietnam AAR

Sapper Joe (Joe Collins) ran a 10mm FOW Vietnam scenario today at Wargamers Cave in Granite City, IL this afternoon.  Joe was new to the rules.  So was Combat Colours (Steve Hood), Hostile Contact (Curtis Turner), Warbeads (Glenn Wilson), and myself.  Steve and I ran the PAVN/VC forces.  Curtis and Glenn had the American armor and mechanized infantry.  Joe was the GM.  The Americans had to get across the board.  The NVA/VC were supposed to stop them.  Problem was the Americans had too many recce units to detect the NVA/VC ambushes.  The VC/NVA also didn't have enough firepower to damage the American M48s or enough troops to properly ambush them.  But Sapper Joe threw this scenario together.  He later admitted there wasn't enough terrain for the NVA/VC to sneak up on the Americans once they came on the board.

Barring those problems, the NVA/VC slowed down Americans enough to prevent them from exiting the table on time.  But Steve and I had our behinds handed to us as far as casualties go...  Some victory!?!?

The FOW Vietnam rules work fine.  We just have some getting used to jogging around all the special rules and charts.  There also should have been American air power on the board to make things more interesting.  I leave that to more play testing and getting familiar with the rules.

Here are photos of the actual game:


                                    Steve Hood and Curtis Turner before the game at Wargamers Cave.

                                          Steve Hood talking with Joe Collins.

                                         American armored column at the beginning of the game.

                                          The guys discussing things.

                                         The initial NVA/VC ambush on the armored column.

                                          Remaining NVA/VC fade out to become guerilla reserves.

                                          Americans responded to my attacking NVA company.

          My horrendous die rolling.  I needed 4 or better for casualties.  Nothing higher than a 3!

                                          Remaining American armor rolls on while my NVA rout off the table! 







  1. Good looking table. Nice rice paddies!

  2. Steve Hood! I've been trying to find that handsome devil for years, it's great to see him in these pics. Looking good old friend, hope you're doing well! -Andy (from Trendmasters)