Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mid August 2014 Update...

I been occupied by real-life recently.  My father has stomach/esophagus cancer.  He's supposed to find out out where it's located and if it's spread to the rest of his body.  Dad isn't a candidate for surgery.  His oncologist would treat his with radiation and chemotherapy.  I don't think my father will handle the radiation well.  It's hard on the body.  A friend of mine lost 80 pounds during his fight with liver cancer back in 2005 before he finally died.  He couldn't hold down any food because of the radiation.

That's what I remember when I visited him in the hospital in Des Moines, IA back in late 2004.  Craig Moran went through two surgeries and radiation.  And his cancer came back the second time.  But that was more work related to his exposure to carbon black fibers.  My father's mother died of stomach cancer at 84.  I think my father inherited it...

But my father has numerous other health problems.  The cancer is just the latest.  He'd been dealing with dementia and memory loss.  That's a horrible fate in itself.  If the cancer is terminal, I hope my father goes fast.  I don't want him to suffer.  If it's treatable, then my father has more time to enjoy his life.

I've made my peace with him.  I don't get along with my father.  I've never been the favored one.  I've been the dependable one.  My patience with my father tirades and temper tantrums over a lack of grandchildren have worn my patience thin.  I could go on about his self-centeredness and lack of objectivity in his life.  But that's part of the disease he suffers from.  Part of it is himself.  When my father does die, it won't affect me as much as my brother who is upset at my father's potential demise.  Then again, my younger sibling is as narcissistic as my father.  I've limited my contact with both of them for my own mental health....

The only gaming stuff I've been able to get done has been painting of 28mm FPW figures and some Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth stuff.  I'll take photos and try and post them tonight.


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