Saturday, October 11, 2014

Review of Ravenwing by Gav Thorpe

Author:  Gav Thorpe.
Title:  Ravenwing - Book One of the Legacy of Caliban Triology.
Publisher:  The Black Library.
Date Published:  2014.
Pages:  412.
Price:  $11.99 (US).

I finally finished Ravenwing this morning.  I've been reading it when I get a chance.  Usually, I can only get a chapter or two done before I have to do something else.  Learning from my other book reviews, I'm not going to summarize what happens in the novel.  I'll give my impressions of the characters and overall plot.

For plot?  How about the Fallen?

Ravenwing's job is to hunt for Fallen Dark Angel Space Marines who betrayed their chapter during the Horus Heresy.  That's part of the fluff.  Most of the story revolves around it.

Sammuel is the Grandmaster of the Ravenwing.  He leads the hunt for the Fallen.  His command has to deal with several local rebellions against Imperial authority.  Problem is he only has two space marine companies!

Good thing the space marines in the Black Library books are combat monsters.  They sure as hell die easily when I run my Dark Angel Deathwing Company in a game!  The whole Space Marine combat thing is rather unbelievable for someone familiar with real-life combat operations.  But these are GW writers.  I'm supposed to drink the cool-aid.  However, many people might have a problem with that.  Hammer's Slammers or Pournell's Prince of Mercenaries they aren't...

By the way, Gav Thorpe is an excellent writer.  I wanted to keep reading this book until I got done with it.  Some of the Black Library books are good.  Some are unreadable.  It depends on the author.  I can also recommend James Swallow's Horus Heresy books, too.

There are other characters like Brother Annael, who is a "new" Ravenwing recruit at age 400 besides Sammuel.  I liked Ravenwing.  But I'm a Dark Angel's WH40K player.  Though I've moved onto another Horus Heresy novel about the White Scars.  I haven't bought or read Master of Sanctity.  That's the second novel in the Legacy of Caliban series.


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