Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lament on the book pile...

I thought I'd post something on my blog before the end of July 2015.  I haven't had a chance to read.  I tried reading at a doctor's office today waiting for my mom.  I only got seven pages read before I gave up.  I'm still reading Unbreakable:  The Chronicles of Promise Paen.  I'm only on Page 93.  There are 330 pages total.  I'd like to make a dent in it this weekend.  I'll see if I can.

Unfortunately, I've added to my book pile.  I now have the following hard copies to read:

Kill Team by Gav Thorpe
Master of Sanctity by Gav Thorpe
The Unforgiven by Gav ThorpeT
The Sharp End by David Drake
Beyond The Reach of Empire by Colonel Mike Snook
Two H.P. Lovecraft anthologies of his short stories

Now for ebooks:

Mekong First Light
Germany Ascendant, 1915
The Lost Stars:  Imperfect Sword by Jack Campbell
Proxima by Stephen Baxter
Swords of Good Men
Age of Shiva
Such Men as These
The Last Stand of Fox Company
Memory of Water
Twilight of the Hellenistic World
The Protectors:  A Thriller by Trey Dowling
Eden to Armageddon
Troy:  Last War of the Heroic Age

I have no idea when I'll get around to reading my electronic books.  Maybe sometime next year...  Ugh!

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