Thursday, March 24, 2016

Late March 2016 reading....

I have a huge surplus of both Ebooks and hard copies to read.  I'm reading at least two books per week.  Today, I read 74 pages in Mekong First Light by Lt. Joseph Callaway, Jr.  It's been an interesting read so far.  Callaway talks about his family time growing up in Alabama and New Caanan, CT.  He also talks about him joining the US Army and becoming a 2nd Lieutenant.

Callaway goes into the background of America and Vietnam during the 1960s  He also introduces the area where his platoon patrolled, the Mekong delta.  Some it was brown water navy patrols.  Some of it was airmobile flights.  I like the way Callaway writes.  I was sucked in from the moment I started reading.  I need to catch up my nonfiction reading.  I should have this book done by the end of April 2016.  I have ten more books to read on Vietnam and Indochina.  I'll space them out with other books on WWII, WWI, and ancient Rome...


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