Sunday, October 2, 2016

28mm FPW Game, 01OCT16: AAR

                                         French Foreign Legion troops waiting for the Bavarians to advance.

                                         Hole in the Bavarian center.

                                          What's left of my regiment advancing into the French firing line.

Horrible die rolls and bad luck got me in this game.  I'd wanted to GM.  I got suckered into playing 28mm 1870 Bavarians.  I have enough room to run a 28mm brigade aside for Chassepot and Needlegun.  I have entire 28mm French and German divisions for this game.  I should have stopped with an infantry brigade each.  Little did I know I wouldn't have the room to run a full game.

Getting back to the game.  My camera died toward the end of the game.  It's still recharging tonight.  I advanced my infantry regiment towards the enemy.  I blew numerous command rolls for my Bavarian artillery.  I blew further rolls for movement.  The French had a grand time drinking their cherry and shooting me up.  Much to my fellow gamer's discuss (Sapper Joe).  See his blog for further mayhem regarding me and my dice.  All Joe did was complain.  That's par for the course with Joe.  However, I hoped he enjoyed the game as much as the French players (Mute Bystander and Hostile Contact).


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