Friday, November 4, 2016

Arm surgery and subsequent gaming adaptation...

My right arm is now been beconstructed.  I don't remember much of the surgery.  It was brutal and compact.  My right is usable and recovering. The ansethima knocked me out for several day.  The days of me painting mass arms are over.  I can work on smaller figure scales with fewer figures  I'm looking at WH40K Cult of the Mechanicus and 30mm Rhulic Dwarf army.  But I'm done buying things in bulk.  Though I've been painting in bulk. Take care and know my basal skin cell cancer was comp;etely removed.  Now, if only my hobbies would cooporate....


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  1. Blake, I'm glad to hear your surgery was able to completely remove the cancer, and wish for you the best recovery possible. Dave S.