Wednesday, November 1, 2017

New month, new project...

For the record, I hate painting 6mm micro-armor scale. 

It's a pain in the butt.  I did two different WWI navies for 1/2400 scale.  That was no fun.  Micro-armor is worse.  It's the sheer scale of the project that is daunting.  Once you get in a groove, it's easy.  However, I have boxes and boxes of micro-armor to paint.

You wonder how I came about this project?  It fell to me from the sky.  One day, a friend named Sapper Joe put out a list of different stuff for sale.  Two complete 6mm micro-armor armies for $125.00. 

Looked like a good deal, I thought at the time.  Problem is Sapper Joe is annul retentive about his armies.  He collected everything complete a 6mm brigade. 

Did I tell you the project was 1980s 6mm Angolan and 6mm 1980s South African micro-armor?  What had I got myself into?  Everyone else is doing 15mm FoW Team Yankee Cold War.  Problem with that it was any East-West conflict would have gone NBC.  Bye-bye western Europe and a good part of eastern Europe.  Thank God there was no WWIII in the 1980s.  No matter what tread-heads might think....

So, I'm stuck with African Cold War micro-armor.  It needed to be based, painted, flocked, labeled, and sealed.  I'm almost done with the base coating of the 6mm 1980s South African micro-armor.  The system I'm going to be using is Fist Full of Tows, III.  I've still got to figure out how to create the unit labels with GIF flags.   This whole thing should take about 3-4 months once everything is based and flocked.  Though the figure Apocalypse is staring me in the face.  There's several hundred stands of micro-armor to paint!

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