Saturday, March 3, 2018

15mm SYW Game: 15mm SYW British vs. 15mm SYW Saxons AAR, 03MAR18

This was a 15mm SYW game featuring a 15mm SYW British and Hanoverian forces vs 15mm SYW Hanoverians:

                                          Initial deployments between the Allies and Saxons.

                                          Craig Ackerman as the British commander.

                                          Glenn Wilson as the Saxon commander.

                                          British movement using Koenigskrieg 2nd edition.

                                          Calvary battle developing between the two armies.

                                          Both sides fail army morale at the end of turn 4.  Ending in a draw.

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  1. Not a set of rules that I have played. Must be pretty bloody with both armies running for it after 4 turns!