Friday, July 5, 2013

WIP, 05JUL13

I spent the Fourth of July holiday with family during the day.  I stay home last night and finished assembling my WH40K models.  Not much of a holiday.  I'm tired of punching out bits and sorting them into my storage boxes.  Here is what I worked on:

                                          Two WH40K Chaos Land Raiders assembled.

                                         A squadron of 3 Chaos Rhinos (1 command and 2 regular APCs).

I also have been painting my WH40K Ravenwing army.  The bikers are halfway done.  However, I need to finish them this coming week.

                                          First two Ravenwing biker squadrons.

                                         Third Ravenwing biker squadron, chaplain, and scout bikes.

                                          Entire Ravenwing biker force.

I'm going to prime all the WH40K Chaos Marine vehicles red with Army Painter spray.  I'll then dry brush and detail the vehicles as needed.  Unfortunately, I also have an entire regiment of 28mm FPW 1870 French Zouaves to get back to.  Besides painting the Master of the Ravenwing and three Ravenwing land speeders.  I'll try finishing up the WH40K stuff by the end of August 2013 so I start using it in my armies.  The WH40K Chaos vehicles have been sitting my basement unassembled since October 2011.  It was about time that I got around to at least building the kits!

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