Sunday, July 28, 2013

Working on 28mm Vikings/Barbarians

I decided to start a 28mm Viking/Barbarian army this past spring.  I have an odd assortment of Vikings, barbarians, and Dark Age figures for it.  I went ahead and worked on 24 28mm Vikings/Barbarians a month ago.  I'd work on the figures and then put them down to work on something else.  I finished the WH40K Chaos vehicles and started back up on the 28mm figures yesterday. 

I have about 96 Vikings/Barbarians.  I'm currently painting up about 24 28mm Vikings/Barbarians.  The figures are a mixture of Heartbreaker Miniatures, Eureka Miniatures, Foundry, and Old Glory Ghost Miniatures.  I'd like to eventually have the following:

80 Vikings with sword, spear, and shield
40 armored Vikings with axe or spear
24 armored archers

The majority of the figures will be Old Glory Ghost Miniatures along with some Foundry and Eureka Dark Age figures.  My friend Steve Hood (Combat Colours) has several boxes of the plastic Wargames Factory Vikings and armored Saxon Theigns.  He also has some wooden Viking long ships, too.  I'd like have some the 28mm Viking raiders from Dixon Miniatures to go with my 28mm Viking/Barbarian army.  I'd also like to game Viking raids and battles with Steve's army.  He'll eventually get around to painting up his 28mm Vikings and Saxons. 

Anyway, I still have time to work on my 28mm Vikings/Barbarians.  I just don't know when I'll get around to finishing them.  They were primarily for a third 28mm fantasy Warlord army to fight Don Cox's figures.  And the figures are a change in pace from all the GW models I've been assembling and painting...  

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