Monday, August 19, 2013

Photos of August 2013 Games

Here are some photos of games I've played this August 2013:

                                         Chaos Demons vs. Chaos Space Marines, Photo 1.

                                          Chaos Demons vs. Chaos Space Marines, Photo 2

                                          Chaos Demons vs. Chaos Space Marines, Photo 3.

                                          28mm ECW, 17AUG13, Photo 1.

                                          28mm ECW, 17AUG13, Photo 2.

                                          28mm ECW, 17AUG13, Photo 3.

The first 40K game I played Chaos Space Marines vs. Chaos demons I lost on Friday, August 9th.  That was against my friend, Brian Bigford.  He brought out his Chaos Demons of Tzneech.  They are no fun to play. 

Afterward, I did two 40K demo games with Don Cox.  Though I don't have any photos of those, Don won both games with his Nurgle Chaos Space Marines.  The first game I ran my Chaos Marines.  The second game today I ran 40K DA Deathwing terminators against the same Nurgle Plague Guard army list and still lost a second time!  Dice are not on my side this time of year (or any year for that matter)...

The last game I played was 28mm English Civil War using the Warhammer ECW rules.  I played Parliament.  Don ran the Royalists.  It boiled down to a cavalry duel.  I won by turn 6.  It was a quick game at Wargamer's Cave in Granite City, IL.  We spent more time driving and waiting in traffic on the highway than we did actually gaming.  That's how things go in the summer...   

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