Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rummage Sale Rules from Warbeads

Warbeads emailed me last week about a bunch of wargaming rules he had for sale.  I bought three of them.  He got me them today.

They are in no particular order:  Star Grunt II from Ground Zero Games.  They Died for Glory by Dave Waxtel and Robert Burke.  And Yellow Ribbon by Greg Novak.

I played Star Grunt several times back in the 1990s.  I remember some of it.  I know it's scenario driven.  The game hadn't been played and all the chits are still unpunched.  I wanted something else in case GW goes bankrupt next year and people are no longer playing WH40K.  I doubt that will happen.  But with the current turmoil at Citadel, who knows?  If I ever get around to playing Star Grunt II again, great.  If not, I have the rules.

I'd gotten rid of my last copy of They Died for Glory:  The Franco-Prussian, 1870-1871.  I then found out the rules are no longer available from the publisher.  I thought I'd get Glenn's copy when he put it up for sale.  The good thing about it is the detailed scenarios you can use for other FPW systems.  I plan on using some of them for Chassepot & Needlegun (if I ever get around to painting all my figures).

The last rule set is Yellow Ribbon:  Rules for Indian Wars 1850-1890.  I've heard of them before.  Will I ever play them?  Doubtful.  I'd have to collect US army and Native Americans both mounted and dismounted if I was ever going to play a game.  Maybe one day, when I win the lottery...

Out of all these purchases, Star Grunt II is the most useful.  Yellow Ribbon is the least.  But I have all three for future reference if I get side tracked on other projects....

Happy Holidays,

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