Thursday, February 27, 2014

Partial Review of Slant by Greg Bear

Author:  Greg Bear.
Title:  Slant.
Publisher:  TOR.
Copyright:  1997.
Price:  $6.99

Greg Bear is an excellent writer.  I enjoyed his stories about Mars.  I picked up Slant from my younger sibling's collection to read when I waited in a local ER this week.

This is a partial review of Slant.  I read the beginning and the end of the novel.  It's awful.  There's no way to hide it.  Bear must have written it for the money.  Basically, its a story about nano-technology, Michigan militia types in Idaho and an evil cryro-genetics institute.  Basically, cyberpunk meets Heaven's Gate in the land of radioactive potatoes.

Much of the book's premise is dated in a post-9/11 world.  It's very 1990s.  Unlike a bad movie, I can only stomach so much of a bad novel.  It's like moldy potato salad.  It'll only make you sick.  There're no redeeming qualities like comic badness or over the type acting  like Sharknado.

I threw it down and watch Sponge-Bob Square Pants for a hour while my father slept.  I cursed myself for not taking the current book by C.J. Cherryh I'm reading with me.  I want to get several hours of my life back.

Slant is definitely not recommended.  

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