Saturday, February 22, 2014

Warlord AAR, 21FEB14

Glenn Wilson (Warbeads) and I played an army of High Elves against a combine 25mm Mongol/GW Empire army ran by Don Cox and Kevin Joyce.  The usual mayhem occurred last night at Game Nite in St. Louis, MO.  Alas, I have no photos.  I left my camera's battery to charge along with the camera at my house when I left yesterday afternoon.

The game was an arrow fest.  I lost several infantry units to archery.  Kevin's Mongols suffered a similar fate on the left flank of the High Elf army.  I was never able to close with Don's Empire infantry.  Glenn got into combat with Kevin.  That turned into a bloody mess.  Kevin was down to one cavalry unit and Glenn had two infantry units at 50% losses.  Glenn had to leave.  We called the game at that point.  I conceded the field of battle to Don and Kevin (smelly humans).   Not a good day for the arrogant fairies in blue...

 However, we're still using an OOP rule system by Max Carr called Warlord.  I've added some black powder modifications.  We'll play test them at some point.  However, we haven't used the magic in all the years I've played (some 25 years).  But there are rules for siege warfare and some simple campaign rules, too.

I'll be sure to have photos of next month's game...

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