Sunday, April 13, 2014

My April reading so far....

I'm about halfway done with Death of Integrity by Guy Haley.  I'll save my comments for the next book review when I finish up in a couple weeks.  It's an entertaining book.  But it isn't serious sci-fi.  I could go on.

The problem is there are too few space marines and terminators to do a particular job in this novel.  The Horus Heresy novels, the Space Marines fought as legions of ten to twenty thousand space marines.

In Death of Integrity, the number is a little over several terminator companies to take on a massive genestealer infested space hulk.  Let me put on my suspension of disbelief hat at the door..

That is my complaint.  The author doesn't realistically address the number of space marines they'd need to assault a space hulk.  But what can I say?  It's a game foremost.  The books are there to sell product (hopefully).  People ready the Black Library novels for the fluff.  I only have two more Black Library novels to read this year.  Once called Ravenwing and the other is Scars, another Horus Heresy novel due out in May (naturally about the White Scars).

I also have other fantasy/sci fi novels to read.  More retro stuff like Space Viking, The Martian Trilogy by Rice, another Doc Savage novel.  I did add on two more Vietnam War books.  One is called Hill 488.  The second book won the Pulitzer Prize last year for non-fiction.  That's Embers of War.  I'm planning on moving to other histories that include Ancient Egypt, modern Chechen combat, finishing a biography of Catherine the Great, and other Zulu War history called Like Lions They Fought.

The rest is six to seven books on different aspects of Vietnam told by various authors.  By the time I get done reviewing all the Vietnam books, it'll feel like I lived through several tours by the time I post reviews...


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