Monday, April 28, 2014

Yearning for Oldhammer 40K: Part II

For those who don't have the GW disease, it looks like May 24th will be release of 7th edition WH40K.  And I say to myself.  Why?

To which the answer is:  Money!

Well, I need to talk to my friend, Scott McCoy, about settle down on an older edition of WH40K to play with my friends.  I'll be damned if I spend $85.00 on a new rule set.  Let alone $50.00 codexes!  The whole GW pricing has gotten obscene.

Though I do have a bit of good news.  I purchased a GW Baneblade kit for $0.96.

"How did I do that?" you may ask.  I have $149.00 in credit from an auction at a local gaming shop here in St. Louis, MO.  The Baneblade kit ran $149.96.  I purchased it for less than a dollar.  Now I have to wait for it to show up.

My friend, the mad Don Cox, showed up with 13 Lemon Russ battle tanks last Friday.  I promised him to play an Apocalypse game some time in December 2014 once he has all his tanks painted.  I'll bring out my 40K Deathwing Terminators, Land Raiders, and Baneblades to take on his Imperial Guard.  It'll be one of those epic fights.  However, I want everything painted and assembled by then.

The only things left are a box of 40K Deathwing Terminator Command Squad and another 40K Land Raider.  Then, I'll be done purchasing GW stuff.  The new 7th edition rules are my excuse to stop buying stuff and complete my armies.  Playing a revised 5th edition rule system will give me peace of mind to the corporate greed that is GW's current management....



  1. To be entirely honest, I prefer 1st ed 40K. Give it a shot.

  2. Come on! You know you want to buy the new rules!!!! They're NEW!!!!!! :p
    Did I read Blaneblade[s], as in plural???? at $149.96 a pop?!? Holy crap!
    ...and it wasn't a .96cent purchase; it was a .96 cent AND $149 in old junk purchase.; But then Blaneblades won't be allowed in the new edition! :p