Monday, May 5, 2014

Review of Osprey MAA 191: Henry VIII's Army

Author:  Paul Cornish.
Illustrator:  Angus McBride.
Title:  Osprey Men-at-Arms No. 191:  Henry VIII's Army.
Publisher:  Osprey Publishing.
Copyright:  1987 (2005).
Price:  $15.95.

This Osprey Men-at-Arms has illustrations of Henry VIII's army by Angus McBride.  Alas, this Osprey is now out of print.  I purchased mine on the secondary market.  I thought I was getting a good deal.  By the time taxes and shipping were included, I paid more than retail for it.

Paul Cornish, the author, does a good job of presenting the different armies Henry VIII fielded during his reign.  The major enemy was always France.  But Scotland figured in the fighting, too.

I bought this book as a painting guide for a future 28mm English Tudor army I want to buy.  I also wanted a 16th century Spanish army as its opponent.  I have all the gendarmes and their followers I need right now.  The rest I'll purchase later.

MAA 191:  Henry VIII"s Army is recommended alone for the illustrations and drawings of the Tudor army and its allies.

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