Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Review of Space Viking

Author:  Henry Beam Piper.
Title:  Space Viking.
Publisher:  Bibliotech Press.
Copyright:  2013 (1922).
Pages:  164.
Price:  $13.00.

Overview:  This retro sci-fi novel is set in Henry Beam Piper's Terro-Human future history.  The Terran Federation has collapsed into barbarism.  Some worlds are more civilized than others.  Refugees from the Terran Federation settle on the Sword Worlds and found a feudal space faring civilization. 

The main protagonist is a Space Viking.  His wife is murdered on their wedding day.  Everything he does is to hunt down the man responsible. 

This premise of revenge drives the entire story.  The background is interesting.  Seeing how different civilizations respond to political crisises from the constant raiding and piracy that accompany the Space Viking way of life.  Outside of chain smoking on recycled air, the story is believable.  I enjoyed it (then again it was written in the 1920s).


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  1. Seconded. I re-read this about 5 years ago and was actually better than I had thought. And I had thought it was good.