Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mini-Review of Khan: Empire of Silver by Conn Iggulden

Author:  Conn Iggulden
Title:  Khan:  Empire of Silver.
Publisher:  Delacorte Press.
Copyright:  2010.
Pages:  387.
Price:  $26.00.

Overview and Impressions:
I discovered this author at my local library.  Conn Iggulden is an English writer who lives in Hertfordshire, UK.  He's written a series of books about Genghis Khan and the Mongolian empire.  He's also written books about Julius Caesar and the Roman empire.

I started reading Khan:  Empire of Silver to see how Iggulden handled writing about the Mongols fictionally.  It was part of my research for a historical novel I'm working on.  I love how the author was able to blend historical fact with his fiction.  That's a skill I'd love to have.

Khan:  Empire of Silver follows the Mongol invasion of Russia in 1238 and subsequent withdrawal of Mongol forces to select a new khan when Ogedai died.  The battle scenes are handled realistically and the narrative keeps things moving.  I enjoyed how Iggulden brought all the historical characters to life.

Unfortunately, my local library has only one copy off the Khan series.  Recommended for historical fiction reader.  Too bad Iggulden doesn't write straight military histories.

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