Saturday, June 20, 2015

Die Con 2015 AAR: 20JUN15

Here are some photos from Die Con 2015 at the Gateway Convention Center in Collinsville, IL:

                                          Pat Lewis' AWI 6mm game board.

                                          Dave Schaeffer's Blue Max game.

                                          Mark Johnson's 25mm Napoleonics game.

                                          Lance Western conversing with GM Pat Lewis.

                                          Adam Jones III's 1/2400 Battle of the Java Sea.

                                          Privateer Press Weekend 2015 at Die Con 2015.

Here are photos of the 28mm Franco-Prussian War Battle of Woerth:  August 6, 1870 using Chassepot and Needlegun.  Lori Brom was kind enough to provide participation prizes for for several of the players!

       Initial deployment.  Each side a 28mm infantry brigade, a cavalry regiment, and a battery of artillery.

                                          Bavarian movemtnt.

                                          Pat McGarriety ponders his next move.

                                          Pat McGarriety advances his regiment of Bavarian infantry.

     Lance Western waits to move his jagers.  They never did advance that far due to lousy movement rolls.

                Glenn Wilson looks on as Craig fails another command roll with his French cavalry!

                       Glenn Wilson failed another command roll after Craig's troops refused to move.

                                          The Bavarians regrouped and put the hurt on the French.

         The Bavarians succeeded in causing the French to fail army morale and won the game!

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