Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mid January reading...

I spent this evening reading another 30 pages in "Masters of the Art:  A Fighting Marine's Memoir of Vietnam" by Winter.  The author talked about helicopter school.  He was a crew chief for CH-46 Sea Knights.  Being a Marine, he also drank and got into a lot of fights.  I've enjoyed the book.  It's been an easy read.  That's a big plus after dealing with overly academic military histories.  I'm now at page 97 of 242 pages.  I'll have a full ebook review on my blog when I get done with it.

I'm also reading Alien vs. Alien by Gini Koch.  She writes sci-fi parodies/satire for a female audience.  I'm reading it to broaden my horizons.  So far, it's worked.  I keep reading when I find the time.  I'm at page 204 of 486 pages.  I'll have a full review when I get done with the novel.

That's it for my reading this month...

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