Monday, September 26, 2016

Review of Proxima by Stephen Baxter

Author:  Stephen Baxter
Title:  Proxima.
Publisher:  Roc Books.
Copyright:  2012.
Pages:  490.
Price:  $7.99 (US).


This book took about six months to read.  I spent one day a week reading four chapters.  I finished off the remaining 90 pages today.  Proxima is about the colonization of Proxima c by UN convicts left from Earth.  There's a cold war between China and the remaining UN states.  The UN gains access to "wormhole" technology.  The Chinese want it.  The two sides wind up destroying Mercury and killing off the human race on Earth....

Yuri Eden and Stef, a UN major wind up using a wormhole that takes them to another M class star system.  They wind up meeting a Roman who demands why they're there.

Stephen Baxter's books have a way of destroying the home world.  The idea of a new cold war in space was interesting.  But I have trouble accepting the same premise in two different books that the human race is too stupid to survive.  Yet, I still have to figure out who created the wormhole technology...


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