Tuesday, December 13, 2016

End of the year regrets and resolutions...

When I moved last year, I had to downsize my figure collections.  I got rid of 28 mm Reil Rebellion figures, 28 mm Spanish-American War armies, 28 mm Trojan War armies, 30 mm High Elf army, and some 28 mm Napoleonics.

I regret selling off the 30 mm GW High Elves.  Now I'm redoing that army.  It's more expense to replace the figures now.  I want a fantasy army to fight some local gamers.  I have no regrets over selling the rest and giving the Napoleonic figures away as a present.  I only have so much room where I currently live.  My collection of figures are now in GW figure cases.  I spent a small fortune on figure cases....

So I'm currently assembling GW High Elves.  Here is my painting schedule for the next year and beyond:


1)  Finish up 28 mm Masai Warriors.

2)  Work on 30 mm GW High Elves.

3)  Paint 30 mm Warmachine Rhulic Dwarfs.

4)  Assemble and paint small GW WH40K Adeptus Mechanicus army.

5)  Paint 28 mm Viet Cong fighters.

6)  Paint 28 mm  ARVN Rangers platoon.

7)  Paint 28 mm US Vietnam Marine platoon.


1)  Paint 28 mm Sudanese Mahdist army.

2)  Purchase and paint 28 mm Amazon army.

3)  Purchase and paint 18 mm SYW Swedes.


1)  Purchase and paint 18 mm SYW Prussians.  That completes my 15mm SYW armies.

2)  Purchase and 28 mm French Foreign Legion and 28mm Republican Mexican & Mexican irregulars for a 28 mm Camerone game.

3)  Purchase and paint 28mm terrain for a 28mm Camerone game.


1)  Purchase and paint 15mm Chilean, Peruvian, and Bolivian armies for the Great Pacific War, 1879-1884.

2)  Purchase and paint up 15mm terrain for a 15 mm Great Pacific War game.

3)  Bastardize stats for home rules to handle a 15 mm Great Pacific War game.

I'm unsure on the last thing.  I wouldn't mind doing 28 mm Russo-Turkish War forces.  However, it might be too costly.  The Great Pacific War in 15 mm is more manageable.  I'm trying to keep my figure purchases to a minimum next year....


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