Saturday, December 17, 2016

Review of This Gulf of Time and Stars by Julie E. Czerneda

Author:  Julie E. Czerneda.
Title:  This Gulf of Time and Stars.
Publisher:  DAW.
Copyright:  2015, 2016.
Pages:  458.
Price:  $7.99 (US).

Overview and Impressions:
This is the seventh The Clan Chronicles novel by Julie E. Czerneda.  The Clan is a telepathic race of teleporters who settle in Human space.  Their leader is Sira di Sarc, Speaker of the Clan.  They have a problem with their reproduction success.  Female Choosers can kill an unsuccessful mate (unintentionally).  In desperation, Sira falls in love with a human telepath, Jason Morgan.  The two successfully bond.

Sira also faces assassination attempts by a race known as "Assemblers," who want to eliminate the Clan from Trade Pact space.  Sira and Morgan jump from world to world as the Assemblers chase after them.  They finally wind up on Cersi, the world the Clan originated.  The native Om'ray are being used as cattle between two different races, the bird-like Tikitik and slug like Ood.  The Clan's arrive upsets the balance between the two rival species.  The Ood eventually attack the Om'ray, the fleeing survivors join the Clan in a giant starship that takes them to their home world.

The different alien races are well thought out.  I couldn't predict the outcome of the novel.  The Clan were an offshoot of the Om'ray, who were descendant from the Hoveny, an advance race of telepaths.  The politics and intrigue of the Trade Pact kept me guessing, too.  The bad guys were spelled out at the beginning.  I assume they'll so up in the following Reunification novels.


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