Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mid-January reading...

Here's what I've read this week:

1)  Four Days in September by Jason Abdale.  See previous blog review.  Finished.

2)  Sedan, 1870:  The Eclipse of France by Douglas Fermer.  See previous blog review.  Finished.

3)  Ultima by Stephen Baxter.  I'm on page 49 of the book.  It has a futuristic Roman empire in space along with space vikings!!!  And a Han Chinese empire, too.  It picks where Proxima left off.  I haven't given up on reading more works by the author, though.  The second book makes up for Proxima's crappy ending when the human race is microwaved to death due to the destruction of Mercury...

4)  Victory Conditions by Elizabeth Moon.  I'm not doing a formal review of this book.  I thought I was getting good military sci-fi with a descent female protagonist.  Turned into one of the most boring works I've read in a long time.  Too long on narrative, too short on action.  And what action there was turned out to be rather unsatisfying.  Not my cup of tea....

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  1. Thanks for the Elizabeth Moon book - Janice is reading it currently.