Monday, January 9, 2017

Review of Four Days in September by Jason R. Abdale

Author:  Jason R. Abdale.
Title:  Four Days in September:  The Battle of Teutoburg.
Publisher:  Pen and Sword Publishing.
Copyright:  2014
Pages:  244.
Price:  $39.95 (US).


The author, Jason R. Abdale, talked about the Battle of Teutoburg in 9 AD.  Rome lost three legions to Germanic tribesmen.  Abdale lays out for a case of the battle taking place in September and its location in western Germany.  He spent a lot time describing the battlefields and roles the various commanders played.  While I'm a fan of Roman history and took Latin during my undergrad, I'm burnt out reading about how the different soldiers were armed and what weapons they used.  It took away from the importance of the battle or why the Romans were in Germany in the first place.

What was important that Roman didn't actively seek to conquer Germany for a long time.  By then, the effort was half-hearted at best.  But some Roman prisoners did survive the battle.  For they were liberated when the Romans came back to Germania for revenge...


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