Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Early February 2017 reading...

I'm reading the following books:

1)  Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson.  Hard sci-fi book about the colonization of Mars.  I've begun the part where the colonists are introducing genetically engineered lichen to the planet.

2)  Ultima by Stephen Baxter.  It's an alternate sci-fi tail about the Celts, Chinese, and Roman empire in interstellar space.  Interesting so far...

3)  Eden to Armageddon by Ford.  It's a comprehensive story about World War I in the Middle East.  I finished Mesopotamia and now getting into the Caucasus Front.

4)  The Road to Guilford Courthouse:  The Revolutionary War in the Carolinas by Buchaccan.  Just started this book with the beginning chapters about Charleston, South Carolina....

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  1. Ultima was a name for a series of Fantasy computer games back in the day.