Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sapper Joe's Annual Game or AAR: 28mm Russian Civil War, 25FEB17

Here are photos from Sapper Joe's Annual Game or an AAR:  28mm Russian Civil War Game, 25FEB17:

                                          Battle of Tugalos:  Initial deployments

                                          Glenn Wilson and I move our 28mm Red Guard Battalion.

                                          28mm Canadian artillery raining down on Glenn's company.

                                          My armed thugs marching in the snow

                                          Steve Hood (Combat Colors) debating his next moves.

                     End of game when I ordered a retreat.  Afterward, I was executed for my actions.

The rules were modified Sword to Adventure using Sapper Joe's modifications.  The playtesting went well.  I didn't like the scenario of advancing across a snow covered field against artillery shells and light machine gun fire.  As the Reds, we paid a price in casualties.  Glenn tried running his men.  But he had to use a Commissar to shoot reluctant soldiers to move.  I kept rolling "1's" for movement.  So I walked my troops through the snow.  I still didn't like getting shot for ordering my troops from committing tactical suicide.  Very Russian Civil War....


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