Saturday, September 1, 2012

Finished 28mm FPW Purchases

Yesterday saw me finish my 28mm Franco-Prussian War purchases online.  I got 28mm FPW Krupp Guns, 1870 Chassuers d'Afrique, 1870 French and 1870 Prussian staff in the mail.  Everything came at once.  It was like X-mas.  I started putting them all away in my figure storage container.  I also ordered a brigade of 1870 Bavarians from Wargames Foundry, too.  That completes my 28mm FPW purchases.

To put things in perspective, I started planning this project back in the summer of 2007 with some friends.  I finally started buying figures for it in December 2011.  I started painting figures in July 2012.  I have one brigade of 1870 French done.  I need to finish my 1870 Prussians.  That will take me until the end of October 2012.  I would have been working on 28mm 1870 Prussian cuirassier this weekend.  But the basement near my painting area flooded.  I dealt with that, instead.  Now, I won't be able to paint until Labor Day on Monday evening. 

This weekend is a washout from Tropical Storm Isaac.  The local area is getting much needed rain.  But it's coming down in buckets.  It's supposed to stop tomorrow morning.  Whatever plans I had for the weekend have been canceled.  There is a really cool Japanese festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden is worth seeing over the Labor Day Weekend.  There is also a local blues festival.  But I digress.  My friends waited for the new 40K 6th edition bosed set to be released at midnight.  I'm taking a wait and see approach with the new 40K rules.  I'd like to buy the new figures and get the rules.  But I don't see the point in rushing out to get them.  I lived without 40K during 3rd edition days.  I can live without for a while. 

I'm used to playing 40K on weekends.  I told my friends I'd take a break from it until I got some of my 28mm FPW project completed.  I'd also like to get some 1/2400 scale WWI dreadnoughts painted up, too.  The ships have been sitting in my basement waiting to be based and primed.  It's one of those projects that seemed like a good idea at the time I purchased them.  They were a going out of business purchase with GHQ naval dreadnoughts for like $1.00-3.00 each.  They normally retail for $13.50 each.  I got two entire German and British fleets for less than $100.00.  I also picked up a copy of General Quarters II, also. 

But the ships sit my basement along with my remaining 40K vehicles which are in need of assembly and painting.  They will eventually get done.  I just don't feel the motivation to complete them right now...

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