Wednesday, September 19, 2012

French Foreign Legion Game using the Sword in North Africa

I played with several friends of mine The Sword in North Africa using my 28mm French Foreign Legion Troops.  Unfortunately, my friend's Arabs aren't painted.  He had trouble with the Arab infantry he'd ordered from Old Glory Miniatures breaking their swords in transit to St. Louis, MO.  I suggested using flattened sewing needles as swords for his figures with some help from The Miniatures Page.

Anyway, the game was a decisive French victory.  I managed to beat off all the Arab attacks and still control the field with my remaining two French infantry platoons and depleted horse unit.  I didn't have my Chasseurs d'Afrique painted up yet, so I had to use some painted 28mm French cuirassiers instead.  Here are some photos from the game:

                                         My 28mm French Foreign Legion infantry at the start of the game.

                                         The French cavalry is fighting Arab horse as the French center holds.

                                          What's left of the Arab infantry making one last push at the end.

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