Friday, January 18, 2013

28mm 1882 Egyptian Campaign AAR

I ran a 28mm 1882 Egyptian Campaign game today using The Sword and The Flame.  Kevin Joyce helped me push a company of 1882 British regulars against a company of 1882 Egyptian Guard troops controled by Curtis Turner (Hostile Contact) and Don Cox. 

True to form, the artillery eliminated each other at the beginning of the battle.  The rest became a shoot out.  I got luck with some of my firing.  But Don and I then proceeded to miss each other.  Don's infantry platoon then became routed and eventually rallied.  Kevin's British infantry held.  So did my own platoon of British red coats.  Curtis was able to put some hurt on me.  But another fire phase destroyed Don's remaining Egyptian Guard unit.  Curtis was able to pass his own morale test for his basic unit.  But he failed army morale for the company of Egyptians.  We then called game at that point.  Only one hour had passed since we'd started playing.  It was a quick British colonial game today at Game Nite...

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