Saturday, January 26, 2013

Small gaming project for 2013-14

Curtis Turner (Hostile Contact) gave me a copy of Ambush Valley to read.  I've gone through and digested it.  I've made some decisions about starting a new gaming project.  I want to play Vietnam.  I originally thought about doing it in 15mm with Battlefront's FOW figures.  My eyes rebelled.  The latest pair of glasses are now bifocals.  So I moved up scale to 28mm figures.  I'm looking at platoon level actions.  I'd originally wanted to do NVA.  I moved onto VC. 

I looked at different 28mm figures ranges.  Eureka Miniatures, The Assault Group, and Jungle Rot miniatures come to mind.  I'm going with Jungle Rot and Eureka Miniatures USA.  I thought I'd do half a platoon of US Marines with 2 M113's.  I thought I'd need about 50 VC to balance that force out.  I'd also get some civilians, too.  But this doesn't include 28mm Vietnamese buildings or palm trees and jungle.  Those are things I'll need to buy later. 
Ambush Valley is scenario driven.  I have ideas for different scenarios.  There are premade scenarios in the rule book.  I think I've got all the painting guides I need except for US Marines in Vietnam.  I'm hoping I could do some painting on them later this year and be ready to run a 28mm Vietnam game in the middle of 2014.  That at least is the goal...


  1. I would like to try Vietman in 28mm as well at some point, but the moment my plan is Borneo with the Commando Miniatures figures.

  2. I would assume the Vietnam your doing will need Vietnam-like terrain?

    To be blunt, doing a period isn't only about the figures.