Sunday, January 20, 2013

Priming 25mm European Buildings

I finally finished up priming 25mm European buildings this evening.  They are now drying on my painting table.  I won't get around to them until I finish painting up my 28mm 1870 Prussian infantry.  I wanted to get the 25mm Hovel buildings primed so I could work on them later.  I should have used the good weather to seal my 28mm 1870 Prussian cuirassiers and 1870 French Chasseurs d'Afrique regiment.  The only mounted troops I have to paint now are mounted infantry command for the French and Bavarian forces.  That's good.  Cavalry seem to take more time to paint than they are worth. 

I'm wondering how much of Sunday I'll be able to dedicate to painting.  Or at least assembling models.  My 28mm 1870 forces are based.  My WH40K armies are boxed up right now.  And my 25mm Trojan War figures are still in bags in a large Priority shipping box.  I don't have enough paints to work on the buildings.  I'll need to buy some large paint bottles in February 2013 and get some painting supplies.  I guess that leaves me to work on 28mm 1870 Prussian infantry...

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