Tuesday, February 19, 2013

15mm SYW Game, 15FEB13: AAR

Well, the dice gods weren't kind to me last week.  I played Don Cox in a game of Koenigs Krieg 2nd edition rules.  I had the British and Hanoverians.  Don had the Austrians.  It was a hypothetical engagement between two former allies.  I engaged my cavalry against his.  My cavalry flanks routed.  Don's Austrian cavalry pursued.  I attempted to form square.  Don's Austrian artillery and cavalry attacked.  I repulsed an Austrian cuirassier brigade.  At the end of turn 4, Don rolled a 2 and I rolled a 6 for Army Morale.  I lost and fell off the field while the Austrians stood firm.  Such are the fortunes of war.

Here are some photos from the Koenigs Krieg Game that was played at Game Nite on Friday afternoon, Feb. 15th:

                                         15mm SYW Austrians.

                                          The advancing armies.

                                          Austrians taking their time moving.

                                          Everything before the big crunch.

                                          The Austrian anvel swings on my British line.

                                          End of Turn 4, collapse of British Army Morale.

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