Saturday, February 23, 2013

25mm Mongol vs. Samurai Playtesting AAR

I play tested my 25mm Mongol Conquest house rules named Storm in the East today.  I ran my 25mm Mongol army against a mounted Japanese samurai force with samurai archer infantry.  I was able to shoot up Don Cox's Japanese samurai with my light Mongol archers.  We then got engaged in hand to hand combat.  I was able to whittle down his infantry force.  But Don routed my Mongol infantry off the board.  The game went 8 Turns.  I had a small reserve of Mongol heavy cavalry I was able to shoot up Don's remaining samurai infantry.  But the Japanese held.  What units that routed were able to rally.  I lost two Mongol light cavalry units in close combat with the Japanese.  I also lost my bolt thrower when Japanese cavalry overran my position.  What killed me was my Army Morale roles.  I kept rolling 1's when I wanted the game to end.  On Turn 8, Don rolled a 1 for army morale, while I rolled a 12 and failed army morale for my remaining units.  At that point, we called the game. 

Here are some photos from today's play testing:

                                          Initial Deployment.  Photo 1.

                                          25mm Light Mongol Cavalry

                                          28mm Japanese Samurai from Perry Miniatures.

                                          25mm Light Mongol Cavalry from Old Glory Miniatures.

                                          Battle on the right flank of the army.

                                          Don Cox moving his 28mm samurai to deal with my Mongols.

                      What's left on my Mongol light cavalry and the pile of Japanese dead behind them.

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