Saturday, May 4, 2013

Basing a 28mm 1870 Prussian infantry regiment and other plans

I spent last weekend flocking a 28mm 1870 Prussian infantry regiment.  I still have another 28mm 1870 Prussian infantry regiment to finish this coming week.  I didn't spend the time I should have flocking figures.  I'll work more on them tomorrow afternoon and then get some photos of the figures on the blog.  I've also played the new WH40K Dark Angel Deathwing army list against Tau and Orks.  I've lost all three games I've played.  That is the only gaming I've done in the past couple of weeks. 

Aside from that, my 28mm Vietnam figures from Sgt. Bob's Miniatures and Jungle Rot miniatures arrived yesterday.  I now have 20 28mm US marines in flak jackets and 2 28mm M113's.  I also have some 28mm Eureka Vietnam civilians.  I'll get 28mm VC from Eureka USA later this summer.  Afterward, I'll need terrain (palm trees) and hoochs.  I thought I'd get some prepainted hoochs from The Miniature Building Authority.  That is for later in the year or early 2014. 

I look at my painting table and I shudder in horror.  The 28mm Franco-Prussian figures are getting done.  But I have a backlog of 28mm 1870 French and Prussian cavalry to spray.  Along with some 28mm High Elves.  I'm wanting to get better weather when it's sunny this week and actually seal figures on the deck before contractors start working on the house.  I'm wanting to get done with all the 28mm 1870 armies by December 2013. 

I was going to work on 28mm Trojan War armies in 2014.  I'm torn to work on my WH40K figures instead.  I could also see about painting 15mm FOW British Paras and 15mm Waffen SS, too.  I have a lot of WH40K figures needing painting and assembling.  I also went up to Wargamers Cave in Granite City, IL to buy some Battlefoam 720 bags.  They sold the one they had on hold for me.  They also didn't have the 15mm Waffen SS infantry platoon I wanted, either.  I wasted my time drive up there.  However, I'll get around to seeing what I want to eventually do for next year.  My lead pile is getting bigger than I like.

But on the bright side, the house is slowly getting cleaned.  My roommate promised me a gaming table downstairs in the basement sometime this year.  This the last major area that needs to be cleaned.  I've taken over the basement with my gaming figures (I now have over $1200.00 in GW figure cases alone).  I also have plans for putting in some grow lights for my orchids that are struggling to flourish in the basement.  A gaming table, some chairs and lights would definitely brighten my day being able to have friends over for small engagements and scenarios.  All the gaming I've done the past several years has been at shops.  I'd like to be to stop a game and pick it up later or go for an adult beverage and then come back to playing a game at my leisure.  But that is for the autumn (hopefully)...

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  1. Buying figure cases is the one thing I've avoided. I'd rather buy more figs, although it does force my figs have to travel rough.