Thursday, May 30, 2013

Egypt 1882/Darkest Africa 1914: AAR's

I played two small colonial games with Don Cox using The Sword and The Flame and The Sword in Africa this past week and yesterday afternoon.

The first game was a company level action between 1882 British and 1882 Egyptian infantry.  I got the better hand with firing cards and dice rolls.  By the time everything was done.  I'd managed to shoot up both of Don's Egyptian infantry platoons. 

Here are some photos of the game:

                                          Initial deployment before the beginning of the game.

                                          Both sides moving into action.

The second game was another company level action between Colonial German infantry and British khaki troops in German East Africa during WWI.  Again, this devolved into a shooting match between and Don and me.  But Don's dice were cursed.  He couldn't hit anything to save his life.  We kept passing morale rolls.  I finally eliminated Don to the last figure off the table.  But I only had a Maxim gun and 75% effectives left in one infantry platoon. 

Though I won both games, it's more due to favorable card and dice rolls rather than anything else.  Just wait until I play my next game to see how lady fortune smiles upon me...

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