Sunday, May 19, 2013

Play testing of Chassepot & Needlegun with 28mm FPW armies

Don Cox and I playtested Larry Brom's Chassepot & Needlegun using 28mm Franco-Prussian War armies.  Each side had a 28mm infantry brigade.  It took up an entire 4' x 6' table.  My figure cases are so heavy, I could barely move them from my house to Game Nite.  I have an entire French and German infantry division for Chassepot & Needlegun.  I could fill an entire 4' x 6' with my other infantry brigades.  I should have stopped with one 28mm infantry brigade aside.  But that's hindsight. 

I was foolish enough to advance my 28mm French Foreign Legion troops forward into the range of the Prussian infantry.  I started taking casualties the second turn.  I fought back with my French Chassepot rifles.  But Don's bigger Prussian infantry battalions helped him absorb casualties.  Don also brought his 28mm Prussian Cuirassier into charge range.  A weakened French infantry battalion bolted.  The Prussian Cuirassier then continued their charge into my mounted Chasseur d'Afrique Regiment.  I rolled horrible on the morale chart.  My light cavalry also bolted off the table.  The remaining infantry battalion my right flank was slammed by Prussian Cuirassier and Prussian infantry.  They rolled a withdrawal on their morale roll. Being pinned, the entire French infantry battalion surrendered. 

That was enough to force my army morale to break.  But I was able to deploy my artillery to force Don's light Krupp guns to withdrawal to the table edge.  But I lost the game in 1.5 hours...

This is the fourth time I've played Chassepot & Needlegun.  I'd like to play it more before Die Con 13.  But the figure cases are a bitch to move.  I really don't want to bring everything to a shop again until I get wargaming table situated in my basement.  It's one of those games best played in some one's basement if I just consider the sheer logistics of moving the armies!

Here are some photos of the play testing:

                                          Initial Prussian deployment.

                                         Initial French Deployment

                                         Midway through the fighting.

                                          How fighting on the left flank developed.

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