Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Warmachine Demo Game, 02OCT13

I was introduced to Warmachine this evening.  It was my second game using the Cygnar and Menoth Protectorate battleboxes.  I had a press-ganger named James show me the basics with the Menoth spellcaster and warjacks.  Things are starting to make more sense with the game.  It's resource based.  How you allocate you spellcaster's focus helps determine what actions your units can do.  It's truly a skirmish game (unlike WH40K).

You are probably wonder how I talked myself into learning another gaming system?  My friend, Scott McCoy, and I had toyed with learning Warmachine/Hordes for about six months.  I played a game when it first came out with the old Mark I Prime rules using a Khador battlebox.  Eventually before Scott's mother got ill, we played a demo game of Warmachine/Hordes in mid-August 2013 at Game Nite in St. Louis, MO.

Fast forward to today.  Game Nite has their Warmachine league night on Wednesday evenings.  I make a trade with a guy named Brad for his Menoth Protectorate army in exchange for my painted 2500 point WHFB Warriors of Chaos army.  It's a far trade.  Brad gets a painted army and I get 70 points of Menoth figures. 

Most of the figures need to be primed and painted.  I'm an old school historical gamer.  I figure I can paint about 50 figures no problem.  So I make the mistake about asking about Menoth army colors.  The reply I get is you can do any paint scheme you like!  Jame's Cygnar and Menoth armies were painted forest green and metal!  There's no real way to customize an army list (unlike WH40K), so people do all sorts of color schemes to individualize their armies.  When I'm told about Menoth, think angry medieval catholics who like to cleanse everything with fire...

So, I'm stuck with figures that need to be primed.  I want to get Army Primer Bleached Bone and pick up a Menoth paint box so I get these figures finished.  I guess it's part of my old school mentality.  I want figures to be painted before I play with them.  I'm going to get about half dozen battle box games in before I start playing with my own figures.  That will give me time to paint and experiment with a decent color scheme for the Warmachine force.

I'll keep people posted with how things progress.  But I might let my 28mm FPW 1870 Bavarians rest for a month or two until I get all the WM stuff completed...


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  1. As an historical painter, those open ended paint schemes drive me crazy. I don't have a natural eye for good color combos. Fortunately there are guides for that sort of thing.

    Or, do what i did with some Battletech minis and paint them in the same camo pattern as German WWII tanks.

    It may be interesting to paint them in the colors of one of your historical armies.