Sunday, June 1, 2014

Play-testing 7th edition WH40K

As much as I hate the newest edition of WH40K, I played 7th edition with my friend Brian Bigford Friday, May 30, 2014, at Game Nite in St. Louis, MO.

Not much has changed.  There's a new psychic phase based off 8th edition WHFB.  You use dice to cast your powers.  I get so many dispel dice to stop it (i.e., Deny the Witch).  I need a "6" to cancel out a power, Brian needed a total of 6 on however many power dice he wanted (or had) to roll.  The warp score costs on the new psychic powers cards.  The more points they cost, the harder it is to activate the power.  Conversely, it's easier to destroy stuff with a more powerful spell.

So all the 6th edition psychic power cards are no longer useful.  Older codex psychic powers are also nullified, too.  So much for the bad news...

But the mechanics for the rest of 40K are the same as 6th edition.  Nothing has really changed except the damage table for vehicles.  You now need a "7" to destroy vehicles.  I lost both of my Land Raiders in my Terminator Deathwing army to melta-gun fire.  Brian whittled down the rest of my surviving terminators.  My awful luck did the rest for me.  I was left with one figure left on the table (Belial) at the end of turn 5.  The game ended after that as I congratulated Brian for his win.

So much for the new 7th edition WH40K....

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