Sunday, February 8, 2015

Early Feb. 2015 Painting Projects and Reading Campaign...

I got the base coats done on the following figures:

28mm 1870 French Turco infantry regiment (54 figures)
1 30mm Menoth High Reclaimer
1 30mm Menoth Devout light warjack
1 30mm Menoth Repenter light warjack
1 30mm Menoth Fire of Salvation heavy jack
1 30mm Menoth Crusader heavy jack
1 30mm Menoth Rhoven and Examplar bodyguard
5 30mm Menoth Bastion Cinerators

I need to go back and touch up those figures.  That should take me the rest of February 2015.  I've been working on and off on these figures for several months.

Reading has been devoted to Embers of War.  I'm now at page 403 out of 700 pages.  It's the fall of 1953 at Dein Bein Phu.  I saw The 10,000 Day War when I was younger on PBS.  There was a section on French Indochina.  Embers of War is very comprehensive.  I labored through the politics of the various French governments, the Eisenhower administration, JFK, and Ho Chi Ming.  I'm interested in the military campaign waged by Diep.

Given I knew little about French Indochina, Embers of War has been a good instruction to the conflict.  I've spent more time reading about American involvement in Vietnam.  I see there were numerous wasted opportunities to end the war during the 1950s.  I'll comment more on it once I finish the book.


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  1. I've been reading about the French Indochina War for a while now. My current fav for the battle of DBP is Martin Windrow's "The Last Valley," but before that I liked Jules Roy's "Dien Bien Phu." Haven't read "Embers of War" yet, let us know what you think when you're finished!