Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Post

I haven't gotten much done.  I tried painting on a battalion of 28mm 1870 French Turcos.  They are awaiting more paint.  I got 1" metal bases for all my 28mm Vietnam War figures (about 180 bases total).

I have got a lot to read.  I didn't dedicate this weekend to my reading.  I only got a chapter read in Embers of War.  I'm now at page 455/out of 714 pages.  I'm in March 1954 with the fighting going on Dein Bein Phu.  I also have reading for my local critique group and another edition of Analog Magazine.  I'll try and catch up on reading this coming week.

Once I have something done, I'll either put up photos or writer up a review.

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