Friday, September 18, 2015

Packed up the painting table for several months...

I'm done moving all my stuff to my parent's house.  It took several weeks.  However, I won't be able to paint until December 2015 because of all the impending construction that will be happen at the condo.  I had to significantly downsize my figure collection.

I got rid of the following stuff:

1)  28mm Bronze-age Greek and Trojan armies for WAB 1.5 (unpainted).

2)  28mm Modern Afghanistan collection (painted).

3)  30mm WHFB High Elf army (painted).

4)  28mm Viking army (partially painted).

5)  28mm English Civil War armies (painted).

Here is what I kept.  Unfortunately, the storage area in the basement is full...

1)  28mm Japanese Samurai (painted).

2)  28mm Chosun Koreans (painted).

3)  28mm Mongols (painted).

4)  28mm 1882 British (painted).

5)  28mm 1882 Egyptians (painted).

6)  28mm 1879 Zulu army (painted).

7)  28mm 1881 Boers (painted).

8)  28mm Congolese natives (painted).

9)  28mm Arab slavers (painted).

10)  28mm Belgian Force Publique (painted).

11)  28mm 1890s British infantry (painted).

12)  28mm German colonial troops (painted).

13)  30mm WH40K Dark Angel Deathwing Terminators (painted).

14)  30mm WH40K Blood Angels (painted).

15)  30mm WH40K Khorne World Eater Chaos Marines (painted).

16)  30mm Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth army (painted).

17)  30mm Warmachine Steelhead Company mercenaries (NIB).

18)  30mm Warmachine Rhulic Dwarves (NIB).

19)  28mm Masai Warriors (unpainted).

20)  28mm German Colonial Marines (unpainted).

21)  28mm Sudanese Mahdist army (unpainted).

22)  28mm Vietnam US Marine infantry platoon (unpainted).

23)  28mm Vietnam ARVN mechanized infantry platoon (unpainted).

24)  28mm Viet Cong company (unpainted).

25)  18mm SYW Austrians (painted).

26)  18mm SYW French (painted).

27)  18mm SYW British (painted).

28)  18mm SYW Hanoverians (painted).

29)  18mm SYW Hessians (painted).

30)  18mm SYW Saxons (painted).

31)  18mm SYW Reichsarmee (partially painted).

This list doesn't include the 18mm SYW Prussian and 18mm SYW Swedes I'd like to get to round out my 18mm SYW armies.  Hauling all the unpainted lead in individual Rubbermaid containers up and down stairs nearly killed me.  I have enough stuff to keep me going for years.  Given enough time, I should get everything done.  Assuming I don't add to my lead pile!

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