Saturday, October 10, 2015

Early/mid October reading...

When I haven't been assembling 28mm Masai warriors and 28mm Colonial German regulars, I've been hunting down books and putting databases of place to submit short stories/novellas/poetry.

I wasted an afternoon today looking up Writers Market 2016 at the local library branch.  There aren't that many places to submit short stories for fantasy and science fiction.  I only came up with one lead via writers market.  I submitted a short story for the third time.  I have no idea what I'll do with it if it doesn't get accepted someplace.  I'm running out of places to submit!

I tried writing short stories.  I'm short stories wind up becoming longer works.  I vowed not to write anymore.  I'm focused on writing two new manuscripts.  The first rough draft should be done by the end of June 2016.  I'll get the second novel done next year...

I'm looking at not painting for another 8-12 weeks.  Ugh.  I have too much to do.  I should be done with basing all the 28mm Masai by the middle of next week.  A warmachine order came Friday morning.  I got the last of my 30mm Rhulic Dwarf units and paint.  They are the next project in my painting queue once I get the 28mm Darkest Africa figures completed this winter.

I also rummaged around for reading material.  I talked to some friends about getting Horus Heresy No.4:  Flight of the Eisenstein and Horus Heresy No. 9:  Mechanicum.  The consensus was both of those books were good reads.  I also have a bunch of Ebooks to buy for my Nook in the following months.  However, Orion and King Arthur and Alien vs. Alien came in the mail this week, too.  It was cheaper to get the paperbacks than pay for the Ebooks.  Go figure..

Reading-wise, I read a chapter more in Beyond the Reach of Empire:  Wolseley's Failed Campaign to Save Gordon and Khartoum.  I'm also starting Mike Shepherd's Vicky Peterwald:  Target tomorrow.  Reviews will be posted when I get done with the books...

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