Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mid October reading...

I started Vicky Peterwald:  Target yesterday by Mike Shepherd.  It's set in his Jump universe.  On the plus side, it reads fast.  I'd like to devote more time to reading it.  The protagonist is an Imperial Duchess who is also a Lieutenant in the Greenfield navy.  I'm only on page 68.  I'll write a formal review when I'm done reading it.

I'm also reading "Beyond the Reach of Empire:  Wolseley's Failed Campaign to Save Gordon and Khartoum" by Colonel Mike Snook.  I'm at page 145.  This will be slower reading than the lighter military sci-fi book.  Problem is I'm only reading this book once a week.  The military sci-fi I read two or three times a week.

I like Colonel Mike Snook's premise that Wolseley failed to rescue Gordon and then deflected any criticism of his Sudanese campaign in order to save his reputation.  I'm planning on eventually painting up a 28mm Sudanese Ansar army.  This is getting me in the mood to do it.  However, I won't be done with this book for months!  When I do, I'll also have a formal review posted on my blog...

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